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Welcome to Lively Public Relations, where innovation meets passion to redefine brand connections. With tailored solutions and strategic planning, we elevate businesses into distinguished brands, driving engagement and maximizing online presence. From restaurants to real estate, our diverse expertise ensures your brand stands out in today’s competitive landscape. Let’s collaborate and unlock your brand’s full potential with Lively PR.


Cultivate thriving businesses enabling them to authentically connect with audiences and foster meaningful relationships that drive long-term success.


Employ the most innovative and creative methods to deliver tailored solutions that ignite brands and inspire audiences, all while preserving the authenticity of each brand we serve.


Fuse the boundless imagination of art with the strategic prowess of business development to sculpt purpose-driven ventures that vividly chronicle the narratives of humanity.

Our Values

At Lively, we believe in fostering a culture that celebrates innovation, where every idea is an opportunity to push boundaries and redefine possibilities. Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to authenticity, we cultivate genuine connections helping us craft creative experiences that resonate authentically with our audience.


We embrace innovation as the cornerstone of our approach, constantly seeking new and creative ways to elevate brands and drive success in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.


We believe in the power of collaboration, working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals, and partnering with them to achieve outstanding results together.


Authenticity is at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize genuine connections and transparent communication, ensuring that our strategies and campaigns reflect the true essence of each brand we work with.


We blend artistry with strategy, using our creative vision to paint vivid brand stories and sculpt immersive experiences. With every campaign, we aim to evoke emotions, spark inspiration, and leave a lasting impression on audiences.


We understand the importance of connecting with audiences on a personal level. Our approach is grounded in relatability, ensuring that our strategies resonate with target demographics and foster genuine engagement with brands.


We embrace the ethos of perpetual evolution and advancement and are committed to nurturing not only our own growth but also that of our clients, fostering strategies and initiatives that propel businesses forward and expand their horizons.


ELSY makhlouf

Elsy is a trilingual public relations practitioner that has excelled across various sectors including startups, small businesses, the federal government, and not-for-profits. Graduating from Mount Saint Vincent University with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, complemented by double minors in Management and Marketing, she has garnered extensive support from her community, earning numerous scholarships, awards, and nominations. 

Founding Lively Public Relations Inc., Elsy’s strategic mindset and leadership skills drive operational efficiency and cultivate a collaborative culture. Her passion lies in empowering clients to surpass business milestones by crafting innovative strategies that elevate brands and forge enduring relationships, driving sustained growth and impact in the market.

Recognized as a community-oriented individual, her involvement extends beyond her professional life. Elsy did a TEDx Talk on housing insecurity and has received many awards including the Platinum Jubilee Community Hero, Future City Builders 30Lab Program and more. Hailing from Lebanon, she launched her company during her undergraduate years, showcasing ambition and determination at an early stage. 

Elsy’s legacy of outstanding accomplishments with an unwavering commitment to social impact underscores her profound belief in the power of business as a force for positive change.

Reach out to Elsy at to tap into her visionary marketing insights.

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